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OFFICE: (513) 563-7500

TOLL FREE: (800) 696-9517

OFFICE: (513) 563-7500


Gehl Parts


When your machine needs parts, don’t settle for anything less than genuine, Gehl-approved parts. To ensure that your equipment is repaired and maintained to the best standard, rely on Highlift Equipment, your authorized Gehl dealer. We know your piece of equipment from the engine to the smallest bolt, and we have the parts inventory and knowledge to keep it performing at its best.

Using genuine Gehl parts

  • Protects the resale value of your Gehl equipment
  • Ensures the productivity and performance of your Gehl equipment
  • Provides confidence that the parts have been carefully selected and tested by Gehl engineers for use on your equipment
Gehl Parts

We have parts for all models of Gehl equipment including:

Gehl Skid Steer Models

Gehl 1625
Gehl 1635
Gehl 1640
Gehl 1640E
Gehl 2500
Gehl 2600
Gehl 3000
Gehl 3310
Gehl 3410
Gehl 3510
Gehl 3610
Gehl 3635SX
Gehl 3640
Gehl 3640E
Gehl 3825
Gehl 3935SX
Gehl 4240
Gehl 4240E
Gehl 4400
Gehl 4500
Gehl 4510
Gehl 4600
Gehl 4610
Gehl 4625
Gehl 4625SX
Gehl 4635
Gehl 4635SX
Gehl 4635SXT
Gehl 4640
Gehl 4640E
Gehl 4640E
Gehl 4835
Gehl 4835DXT
Gehl 4835SXT
Gehl 4840
Gehl 4840E
Gehl 5240
Gehl 5240E
Gehl 5625DX
Gehl 5625SX
Gehl 5635
Gehl 5635DX
Gehl 5635SX
Gehl 5635SX II
Gehl 5635SXT
Gehl 5640
Gehl 5640E
Gehl 6625
Gehl 6635
Gehl 6635DXT
Gehl 6635DXT II
Gehl 6635SXT
Gehl 6635SXT II
Gehl 6640
Gehl 6640E
Gehl 7600
Gehl 7800
Gehl 7810
Gehl 7810E
Gehl R135
Gehl R150
Gehl R165
Gehl R190
Gehl R220
Gehl R260
Gehl V270
Gehl V330
Gehl V400

Gehl Track Loader Models

Gehl CTL55
Gehl CTL60
Gehl CTL65
Gehl CTL70
Gehl CTL75
Gehl CTL80
Gehl CTL85
Gehl RT175
Gehl RT210
Gehl RT250

Gehl Excavator Models

Gehl 153
Gehl 283Z
Gehl 303
Gehl 353
Gehl 383Z
Gehl 503Z
Gehl 803
Gehl G1503RD
Gehl GE142
Gehl GE192
Gehl GE303
Gehl GE342
Gehl GE353
Gehl GE373
Gehl GE383Z
Gehl GE503Z
Gehl Z17
Gehl Z25
Gehl Z27
Gehl Z35
Gehl Z35 GEN:2
Gehl Z45
Gehl Z45 GEN:2
Gehl Z55
Gehl GE1202

Gehl Telehandler Models

Gehl 553
Gehl 562
Gehl 663
Gehl 883
Gehl CT6-18
Gehl CT7-23
Gehl DL6H40
Gehl DL6H42
Gehl DL6L40
Gehl DL6L42
Gehl DL8H42
Gehl DL8H44
Gehl DL8L42
Gehl DL8L44
Gehl DL9-44
Gehl DL10H44
Gehl DL10H55
Gehl DL10L44
Gehl DL10L55
Gehl DL11-44
Gehl DL11H55
Gehl DL11L55
Gehl DL12H40
Gehl RS5-19
Gehl RS5-34
Gehl RS6-34
Gehl RS6-42
Gehl RS8-42
Gehl RS8-44
Gehl RS10-44
Gehl RS10-55
Gehl RS12-42

When you need a OEM or after market part call our parts specialist at or complete a PARTS REQUEST. We sell parts nationwide and overnight delivery available.


Fill out a parts request form below or call us at (513) 563-7500 for more information. We offer quick delivery for most new replacement parts and new and used attachments, at very competitive prices. We sell Gehl, SkyTrak, Lull, Genie, Snorkel parts to support our equipment lines but in addition we also sell new parts for Pettibone, Carelift, Gradall and Thomas. Our attachment partners include Blue Diamond, Star Industries, Arrow Material Handling, CEAttachments and Haugen Attachments.

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